Those naked Warwick rowers are now touching each others’ penises!


But don’t worry kids – they’re straight and it’s for an anti-homophobia charity. Hooray on all counts. Oh, and in case you were wondering, fourth from left…

There are more after the jump. One is even in colour, with reds and greens and everything… [Read more...]

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Look at the living state of it!


It is/was Tulisa getting done for assault. Nice people! But what is the etiquette when faced with something like this? Do you mention it? Do you say, ‘Oh, lips!’ Or do you carry on as if you haven’t noticed?

There’s one for Miss Manners.

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Selfie du jour


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HMTQ, photobombing!


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And in today’s sports news…

I've got arms!

General fitness.

And that concludes today’s sports news…

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An updo while wearing her boyfriend’s white shirt? Looks like Fifty Shades of Grey is going to break all the boundaries


You know that scene in every movie where the girl comes down after a night of sex wearing her boyfriend’s shirt with her hair up. Kicky! Cute! Fresh! Do girls really do that? They would get very short shrift if they tried pulling that shit around these parts. Jesus!

In other Fifty Shades of Grey news: Jamie Dornan. He can wear any clothes of ours he likes but we will tell him to take them off.

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Who wants to see John Whaite off-of Great British Bake Off in a very tiny pair of Speedos? Does the Pope shit in the woods?

You're going to need considerably bigger buns.

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Isn’t it great to see the level of respect our esteemed Prime Minister gets when he Tweets nonsense?

May we add our ha'pennyworth?

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