Behold-hold-hold… Mr Gay World! And UK! And he’s not a cannibal!

Over the weekend in London's glittering Rome the final of Strictly Come Gay World took place, and the bloke representing Her Majesty's United Kingdom won. His name is Stuart Hatton and he looks like that in ridiculous underwear. Needless to say there are tattoos all over the place but we think it'd be churlish to mention it.

Categories in the competition included swimsuit, club wear, formal wear and national costume.
*tweaks bearskin*

Anygays, Stuart Hatton? Drop trou' and take a bow!

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Danny Dyer, apropos of sod all.

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Bonus selfie du jour (well, it is Friday)

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Selfie du jour

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This whole Abercrombie & Fitch thing will soon be a thing of the past