Gay animals – against nature?

A cute macaque

The Natural History Museum in Oslo – incurring the wrath of anti-gay freaks WORLDWIDE we imagine – is staging an exhibition that compounds the fact (like it needed compounding) that being of homo is totally and utterly nat-u-ral. By showing how loads and loads of animals are at it left, right and up each others’ bums – the gay way!

*a beautiful moment*

The Naturhistorisk Museum in the Norwegian capital has been given money by the government (oi, Tones, you listenin’?) for its exhibit dedicated to gay animals, called Against Nature.

A nice bearded gentleman going by the name of Petter Bockman, from the University of Oslo, is its scientific adviser. Pictorial evidence from the lovely show includes big ‘ole boy giraffes fiddling with each other’s schlongs, a couple of schmooching lezzer swans, and a river dolphin bopping a fellow male dolphin up its, er nose. ‘This is the only example of nasal sex we have in nature,’ quoth Brockman.

Oh, and apparently macaques and apes are into ‘diddling’ – which is the practice of gently holding each other’s scrotums. How cute is that?

Norway – j’adore!


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