H is for Homosexual

ian-h-watkins.bmpSo it turns out that not only is H of Steps and Hand Claire fame a gay but he’s a gay who’s been a-bumming of his mentor/guru/svengali/manager Tim Byrne (not to be confused with Pete Burns or Third Degree Burns). ‘I come from a small valley in Wales and it just wasn’t the thing to do to be gay,’ says Daffyd in his defence. And we suppose wearing very tight T-shirts, having hair in big lamb cutlets across your forehead and coming out on a Peter Pan wire to frighten children in stadiums across the nation is the thing to do! Hmmm? We wish him well/send him a bouquet and a packet of lube etc. (Do you think we beat Elton to it this time?)

NB. What Claire from Steps might be doing right now… (in the knowledge she’s gained a few dress sizes, or seven)

claire_steps.jpg A hand reaches out, absent-mindedly towards a bag of Haribo Tangfastics as a sweater rides up slightly from the comfort of a lounger-style armchair and Claire’s eyes deaden in front of another afternoon of afternoon telly. ‘Is it only 3 o’clock?’ she muses. ‘Bugger. Two hours till tea.’
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