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This Life +10

Friends, apparently.So This Life +10 AKA one of the most eagerly awaited televisual sequels, like ever, was a load of old shit.

Admittedly the stakes were high, owing to silly amounts of preview nonsense and, like, Angler’s Weekly and Dolly Whatsit Times doing nostalgia/where are they now?/which one were you?/blah blah feature-ettes in giddy anticipation… but oh, what a let-down.

Here’s why:

a. We realised most of ‘em were, and still are, knobs.

b. So Miles became rich and Egg became a famous writer – ‘cause dreams always come true…

c. Warren – another example of TV portraying a gay who doesn’t exist in the real world like everyone else, who doesn’t experience real emotions like everyone else, who has an issue with people referring to gays as, er ‘gays’. He has issues. Oh shut up.

d. Anna is still the only one we’d actually like to be/be friends with, so obviously she has to be portrayed as unfulfilled and lacking in something. What could that something be? Hint: She’s a woman, and without child. Oh so it must be a child. Also shut up.

e. And can we talk about that lame Miles/Egg, you’re a tory twat/I’m a liberal tree licker barny about the Iraq war? It was like a CBeebies edition of Question Time.

f. Nice décor in Miles’ fancy-pants if naff house, mind.
(And g. and h.)

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