Janice Battersby, in France – A survival guide

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No sooner has Vicky Entwistle of Janice Battersby fame managed to drop TWO DRESS SIZES just in time for the New Year fitness DVD release madness, than Janice Battersby of Vicky Entwistle fame ups sticks and trots off from Corrie Street to France with a fella she’s only known for 33 seconds. Now 34. But the idea of Janice in le France scared us a little. What with the language difference. Seeing as her grasp of her own language is limited to ‘shall we get some chips from’t down’t chippie?’ (rhetorical question), we thought it best to produce a pocket sized catchphrase guide. You know, to see her right.

A FRENCH LESSON, in one part:

– Je voudrais une barm cake = I would like a barm cake, if you please

– Ou se trouve le pub = I’m thirsty

– Je suis de Manc = I am from Manchesterford or thereabouts, but no, LS Lowri isn’t a personal friend – Ou se trouve le chippie = I’m hungry

– J’ai perdu deux tailles de robe avec mon DVD fitness = I dropped two dress sizes with my fitness DVD (you could too!)

– Pomme fritte = Sustenance

– Mushy pois, ooh la la! = Ooh, love a mushy pea

– Zut alors! = Ecky bloody thump

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