What’s Dougray Scott’s accent all about?

Desperate Housewives business

Dougray 'yes we would' Scott.

So it was generally decided that the last series of DH was a bit shonky, and that Teri Hatcher was getting thin enough to slip under your parlour door.

Then news reached us that hugely boppable Dougray Scott – of cute and Scottish fame – would be starring as Teri/Susan Mayer’s nuovo love interest (lucky **********).
Dougray avec Teri

Then we actually watched the first episode of the new series last night and realised Dougray Scott’s English accent was like some weird hybrid Cary Grant/Will (and Grace)-when-he-tries-to-do-‘British’ affair, complete with over-stretched vowels and weird clipping and stuff. And it slightly creeped us out.

Why the fuck didn’t they let him stick to Scottish, which we find v. sexy anywho? On the right person. And he the RIGHT person!

Dougray and that blond onePs. We’d also like to bop the blond one. Yes ma’am.
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  2. […] This is Dougray Scott. He is of handsome and Scottish and a bit shit in Desperate Housewives (er, accent?), but seeing as he looks the way he does we’ll let the latter pass, for now. […]

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