Lisa Scott-Lee

Exclusive Interview!

Lisa on 'er skates... A few questions to, you know, pass the time.

Lisa On…why she signed up to Dancing On Ice
Quite a few reality shows have been offered to me, but because this was learning a new skill rather than sitting around bitching about people, I thought, this is a nice, positive entertainment show that I’d like to do. Plus you get something out of it at the end. I mean, I’m being trained by Torville and Dean and money can’t buy that experience. Plus I get my own lovely white ice skating boots!

Lisa On…Claire ‘Steps’ and her weight issues
Claire’s taking time out really, spending time with her family, just chilling out.

Lisa On…Lee’s brief stint in Upper Street
I think he had a close escape really. I didn’t like the way the band appeared to bully him. I was screaming at the TV saying, ‘Leave him alone!’ He came to stay recently for a weekend and we had a really good talk about it and he’s fine. He’s bounced back and he thinks, like me, he was better off out of it. In our band, yes we had the odd argument, but we really were like a family and if you have enough people throwing shit at you, well, you just have to be on the same side. I think the way that they treated Lee was the demise of them and I think the chart position was a result of that.

Lisa On…the money Steps were offered for a reunion
There was massive money, but that wouldn’t be my reason for doing it. At the end of the day it has to be right, because I’m really proud of what Steps were and what we achieved and I wouldn’t want to tarnish that for money. The name and nostalgia around it means more to me than the money. I’m making my own money anyway, doing my own thing. I’d do it for the love of it.

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  1. I really…really…love this girl!! and i think is one of the best pop-dance songwriter…really do!
    go isa go!

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