Religious types party against the gays

(But we thought Jesus loves everyone? No? Did we get that wrong? He hates bummers and people who wear poly-cotton blends? Oh sorry, Damnation it is then.)

The Jesus version of a big night out

If you had any hopes of copping off, you were seriously barking up the wrong tree. To try to pressure the House of Lords into allowing them to continue to be cunts to nice gay people, a multi-denominational gaggle of Christians, Jews and Muslins came together at the House of Lords to whoop it up against this Goods and Services bill-type thing. ‘Cause the Baby Jesus doesn’t want gays to have nice things, apparently.

Where do you start?

BTW: Where do Christians get those anoraks? Is there a catalogue?

Oh, granddad

Ps. Didn’t work though, did it? Thank the Lord (irony noted) those old types in that fancy building voted 3:1 in favour of the bill. That silly little minority were probably too busy bumming and missed to vote.

The celeb turnout - Ian Paisley

(The celeb turnout – Ian Paisley)

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