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Fancy bar in the skySize does matter (like you ever doubted it!) That’s why we are poring over the blueprints for the A380 aka the biggest plane EVER.

With wings wider than a football pitch and plenty of room for bars, lounges, duty free shops, even spas and casinos, it’s no exaggeration to say it will give air travel a radical makeover of Jocelyn Wildenstein proportions.
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The very least you can expect from the A380, which will start pampering duties later this year, is a much wider seat (which means bigger chance of undetected in-flight nodgins!) Keep all eyes on this space for further updates.

Zzzzzzz.... Busy, innit.
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3 comments to “Bigger is better shock!”

  1. Bit of a show off to use that to fly to Edinburgh.!

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  2. Do you think they have the same configuration in the cheap seats? It does all look lovely but if you have to take out a second mortgage to sit up the front (sadly I don’t know any nice people working for an airline who may upgrade me) then it doesn’t matter how big it is on the outside if you only get 3 square inches on the inside.

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  3. It’s very gorgeous but do you think it’s the same down the back?
    Unfortunately I dont’ have any friends who work for a well known airline who will upgrade me (:() so I think no matter how big it is on the outside, you’ll only get 3 square inches on the inside!

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