You likey?

Oh, AnnieDo you like the look of this man?

Ooh, what a hottie.

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5 comments to “You likey?”

  1. I like his hairband.

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  2. […] We wonder if the result would look something like this? […]

  3. […] Still, at least you don’t look like this man. […]

  4. […] Ok so he doesn’t bring the sexy back like JT (then again, who does? Maybe this man?) but he’s still partially responsible for bringing us pop classics such as ‘Girlfriend’, ‘Bye, Bye’ and ‘Pop’. *dramatic pause* […]

  5. […] ps. Oh honey, if you wanteths a heavy bumming session, all you need do is ask. Can’t promise any takers, mind, what with you being what is known in the business as ‘repulsive’. Then again, this man might be up for it.   […]

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