£10,000 reward to ‘pie’ Big Brother trio

Oooh, they're trouble they are...Lots and lots of dosh (see title) has been offered by a company with lots and lots of dosh, to the first person who can get a custard pie in the face of any one of the dastardly trio at the heart of the dastardly goings on inside of the Big Brother house.

Gottabet.com, who appear to have money, have put up the ten thousand earth pounds to ‘lighten the mood’.

‘As Jo, Jade or Danielle emerge from the house, we’re offering a reward of £10,000 for anyone who’s smart enough to work out how to sneak a custard (or foam) pie past security tand throw it in the face of one of them. You have to score a direct hit to win!’ says someone or other from Gottabet.

Food, apparently.


‘If doing it on the night proves impossible, then we’ll award £2,500 if you can do it within a week of the celebrity leaving the house.’

Nice with a sponge

Oh, okay then.

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3 comments to “£10,000 reward to ‘pie’ Big Brother trio”

  1. This is brilliant ! Those guys should get a medal for that.

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  2. brilliant!

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