Big Brother ‘slags’

So Edwina Currie thinks the girls (Jade, Danielle and Jo) of CBB fame are, and we quote, ‘slags’.


Mmm, yeah, that's goooood......

This coming from the woman who was FUCKING OUR MARRIED PRIME MINISTER.


She imparted her fine wisdom on last night’s Question Time (live from London’s Glittering Northampton) also known as the show where people-even-those-with-special-needs are allowed to slip past the velvet rope, sit in a real life telly studio, and ask (sometimes) reputable types retarded questions. Upon which mob rule ensues and the audience go really quite giddy when someone who really should be residing somewhere with a name along the lines of ‘Golden Pines’ or ‘Mental Ward’ asks a question along the lines of, ‘So, Deputy Prime Minister, do you think we should re-instate capital punishment?’

*that’s it, get out, now!*

Ps. ‘Slag’? Is that the best you can do?

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3 comments to “Big Brother ‘slags’”

  1. She’s a total cunt and slapper. Fuck her! Edwina that is.

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  2. I like her. She supported gay rights in the 80’s when it wasn’t fashionable to do so in gay circles.

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  3. Did you see her on Hell’s Kitchen? What a cock.

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