Jade. Cwying.

Squish squishIt’s been a funny old week for Jade, innit. But it’s amazing what a good old squish on morning telly can do for you…

When probed by the probing Fiona Phillips on the GMTV sofa (quite comfy, btw), the Jade was humble and repentant and stuff, and at one point a tear could be seen, split screen a whole load of sympathy for the woman who only last week was labelled – by that bastion of morality, The Sun newspaper – the ‘Face of Hate’.

We think we feel sorry for her.

Oh, and while we’re at it, we may as well have a ganderoo at the interview she gave to the News of the World, much to the same effect.



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One comment to “Jade. Cwying.”

  1. How is it that this stupid cow is being given such a hard time??!!
    Yes, she was a bully (as were Jo and Danielle) but she was not a racist!
    Just because a (not so bright) white person has been mean and unkind to a (rather attractive if you like that sort of thing) non-white person, the world is up in arms calling the white person a racist! What absolute tosh!

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