Prada Phone

Oooooooh.If you’re ashamed of your Dolce and Gabbana  phone that says ‘Dolce and Gabbana’ when you switch it on, we hope this lovely thing is much less of an imposition.   

It’s made by Prad. Who are also in the fashion business, fact fans.

Mr and Mrs Prada have joined up with Mr and Mrs LG to make this surefire hit with the gays product which also doubles up as a touch-screen phone. Well done everyone.
Ooooooooh (ooh)
There’s even some scandal apparently. Clever techie people with grooming issues, white coats and clunky shoes who know other people like that are saying this was possibly the reason the iPhone is being rushed to marke. How excitement! :-|

(More info on said item of loveliness)

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