Mika Competition!

Ohmygodwe’resoexcitedwejustletoutabitofwee moment #582985. 

We’ve got a luvverly-duvverly competition involving the singer-of-songs we j’adore the most right now, Mika (aka ‘Yes, we would’).

Mika, currently residing at No. 1 in the Hit Parade, is launching his album – ‘Life In Cartoon Motion’ – at an exclusive circus-themed extravaganza at a very swishy London location on 5th February.

The do – which will launch T-Mobile Street Gigs – is set to be beyond fabulous with beyond fabulous people and beyond fabulous shenanigans.

And Mika will most probably be wearing lovely shoes.

So anyway, we have two (yes, TWO!) pairs of money-can’t-buy tickets to this v exciting event to give away to you people.

For your chance of winning, simply send us your answer to this stupidly easy question:

Qu. Mika’s No. 1 smash hit single’s called ‘Grace Kelly’. Name a film Grace Kelly’s been in.



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