Ruth Kelly – bad, bad, (bad), person

Ooh, give us a snogSo Ruth Kelly – the Communities Secretary who was previously the Equality* Minister but whose title was changed lest we got the idea she actually cared about equal rights, or something, yet still has overall responsibility for equal rights issues in government – is backing a move by Catholic adoption agencies to be exempt from the upcoming Goods and Services Bill. Which in case you haven’t been paying attention, means gays can’t be denied lovely things just ’cause we bum bums, etc.


Oh, but Ruth – a devout Catholic and member of the Opus Dei sect – is determined to include a loophole for her caring, sharing church, one that allows Catholic adoption agencies to deny their services to gays.

What a nice person you are, Ruth. And such a looker. And honey, if you hate the gays, just come out and say it.  

Oh yeah, and apparently Tony Blair’s on her side with this one.

Who said ‘cunts’ at the back?


*Er, there’s a clue in the word ‘equality’.

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