Gap’s a bit buggered

Roland Mouret and model-ettesThe Gap, makers of simple basics and nice scarves, is up the shitter somewhat.

Despite celebrity patronage in the form of Madonna and everyone’s favourite acronym, SJP, sales this last Santymas have been a bit lame. Even Roland ‘V boppable’ Mouret’s attempts at doing a range á la Stella McCartney and Victor & Rolf @ H&M didn’t seem to do the trick.

It’s thought one of the reasons for crappy sales figures in the UK is that The Gap doesn’t have an online option to buy, as it does in the US.

Get with the program, kids/do a Marks ‘n’ Sparks and get Dame Shirley of Bass to sing a nice song for you.


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  1. i read an article about this very same subject at the weekend. it looks like fashion stores now can’t afford to be bland. Bland was very last decade and that’s why they were popular, now peopel want interesting clothes that look stylish. Not bland looking sweat-shirts and scarfs. Boring.

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