Blair agrees gays deserve lovely things

Blairy TonesTony Blair, Prime Minister of this country and husband of woman-with-funny-mouth-business, has bowed down to pressure from people with sense, and agreed that there shall be no (that’s, NO) exemption to religious bigots in the upcoming Goods and Services bill. See, there is a God after all.

Tones had been considering a totally immoral-in-our-opinion-as-well-as-anyone-with-goodness-in-their-hearts exemption from the Sexual Orientation Regulations bit of said bill, for Catholic providers of adoption services. ‘Cause they reckon gays who bum and their lady equivalents are bad people and shouldn’t be given the chance to offer warm, loving homes to kids who need them.


It’s nice to know one of the most powerful people in the world can be swayed (however unsuccessfully) by religious minorities who use blackmail as a tool (said Catholic adoption agencies were threatening to shut themselves down rather than provide services to gays. We know, let’s deny all the innocent children a loving home, just so you can continue flailing your particular brand of discrimination about! Honestly, love is the answer people!).

Oh happy days. (Not for them there Catholics, mind.)

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2 comments to “Blair agrees gays deserve lovely things”

  1. Sometimes I am so astounded at the stupidity and ignorance of people that I cannot speak! So thank the Lord (Really? What did He have to do with it?) for theboyzblog as I now have an outlet for my frustrations. Steady luv! Now, where’s my soapbox……
    About this gays and adoption thing – Why is it that our sexuality, over which we have no choice or control (yes, really!) still causes such adverse reactions amongst religious zealots? Perhaps it’s because we might let our adopted child grow up in a caring and supportive environment free from RELIGIOUS BRAINWASHING! Because make no mistake, that’s what it’s all about. We don’t choose to be gay, neither can it be taught, but religious beliefs based on fairy stories from 2,000 years ago are very much about indoctrination. Scaring children into believing by threatening them with eternal Hell if they don’t is one way of staying in business!

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  2. Well said Sean, completely agree with you

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