Celebrity willy

David Baddell, famous bloke off the telly ‘n’ West End stage

David, in Rocky Horror mode It’s big and fat and dark. It’s a grower, absolutely. It just kind of hangs, but it’s a nice size, and people always comment and say, ‘Wow’. I’m naked a lot backstage. I keep my dressing door open because it’s always hot in there. So people come in to have conversations and I’m naked. But after 26 years in the business, you don’t really bat an eye, do you?
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2 comments to “Celebrity willy”

  1. Well, let’s have a look then. Sounds nice!

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  2. I went to see the show last week and the cast is amazing. Loved the tall guy (Brad) and of course the Rocky thing itself. what a creature! Well done guys.

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