If you look like this…

Fancy a tit wank?

You might want to put a T-shirt on / find a really great support group… did we say, ‘Do something about the hair?’However, all is not lost. Apparently 177 male folk with what are officially termed as ‘moobs’ got them cut off last year.

This is eight times the number who had it done in the past three years. So help is at hand for a fee… Phew etc.

If this is your bag, enter moob heaven here: http://www.manboobs.co.uk

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2 comments to “If you look like this…”

  1. I have never been so disturbed in my life. Sweaty moobs will be flailing and flapping around in my head all night now. Thanks for the nightmares boyz.

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  2. He looks like my first girlfriend!

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