The glittering world of pop music business

Just when you thought it was safe for you to enter the pop charts again without another worn-out act bringing out a half-baked pop record clogging it up for you then think on…

We are obviously v. delighted to bring you news of the return of these characters…


They’re back. But not all of them. Just two of them. Who happen to look like twins.

*Someone in the office has just said they are twins*

Oh, they are twins. Check out their myspace page which features one of them wearing a T-shirt with a shirt and tie painted onto it which it seems they’ve also recklessly worn out to live gigs. They are not wearing denim. They don’t go ‘Uh-ohhhh’ either. It’s a travesty.

In other pop news, pop fans, word is that Mika might be joining Take That on tour. No, not joining Take That – that would be just silly and something we’d rightly expect Robbie Williams to be doing at this point in his career.

Meanwhile, Rooster have split up. Apparently. Yes. Who knew?

PS Who knew who Rooster were?

And for those who forgot the delights of B*Witched. Just for you… It still sounds like the Mice On The Mouse Organ of Bagpuss fame.

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2 comments to “The glittering world of pop music business”

  1. And just check out the guy they’re trying to *woo* with this masterful song. What a catch ladies! I’ll show you mine, you show me yours indeedy.

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  2. Noooooo! Hateful girls in nasty denim suits with goddawful music. Save us!!

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