You know how hilarious Comic Relief isn’t…

Well, the good news is that this year, they’ve allowed our 8 favouritest ladies in pop – that’s these ones

Loud girls

and these ones

Sweet babies, or jelly babies, or something.

to promote the whole ‘laugh-fest’ via the use of red noses and a hit chartbuster record, which is called ‘Walk This Way’. 

Oh, and did we say, you could hear a bit of the track right here

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2 comments to “You know how hilarious Comic Relief isn’t…”

  1. Oh. My. God. This is a double jump-the-shark moment. Two bands, I previously loved have gone too far with their sassy reversions of modern classics. This is noise. This is embarrassing. It is truly dreadful. That said it is for charity, and the girls have dug deep … right to the bottom of the barrel.

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  2. Consuela, I so know! If I have to choose though, it’d be Sugababes all the way.

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