You know the way Jesus hates gays…

jesus_web.jpg Well, someone’s gone and taken ‘the word of the Lord’ and made it into a website by the miracles of modern science…

There’s lots you can do on like:-

– Change a homosexual into an ordinary person.

– Find out who are safe bands and who are gay bands (apparently, George Michael is ‘texan’ and Marilyn Manson, ‘dark gay’ – maybe this means something to you).

– Watch the new video by DonnieD, snappily titled ‘God Hates Fags’. He hopes – and we quote – that ‘you will take my thoughts on the overweight and Jesus. Love to heart.’ [NB his typos, not ours btw – obviously the love of Jesus doesn’t make you good at grammar]

You’ll love it. :-(

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One comment to “You know the way Jesus hates gays…”

  1. What a loony that man is. Screwed up or what? By the way Jesus didn’t hate gays. In fact he didn’t mention homosexuality ever… but the gnostic gospels (the hidden, suppressed gospels) point towards Jesus highlighting the feminine and the masculine being important in us all. A radical message at the time. And he loved prostitutes…… Barney, Marylebone.

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