Buy these, go to heaven. Or somewhere equally as nice.

‘Tis the season to be nice to people, apparently. And Kleenex – makers of lovely produce for the nose – has made it that bit much easier to have a warm feeling inside of your heart.
Sniff sniff

Basically, it comes down to this. You buy your lovely Kleenex produce, only this time you make sure it’s one of their limited edition packs with etches of famouses on ’em. Do that, and 50 earth pence from each purchase (they cost a quid) goes direct to Comic Relief.

Now that’s a nice thing. What you get for your money (which isn’t much money. Can’t even get a half a pound of jelly babies for that any more) is the chance to honk your snout on one of these lovely people:

– June Sarpong

– Tess Daly

– Vernon Kaye

– Phillip Schofield

– Paul O’Grady

– and some more that we couldn’t remember


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