New! St. Tropez Everyday!

Our fave get-lovely-brown-skin produce goes daily. Hooray!
Nice product for nice skin

You know how last year everyone and their dog released daily versions of their tanning business, for ‘gradual’ building-up of a lovely glow? Well, St. Tropez, the original big-hitters in the world of going brown, have launched St. Tropez Everyday. Yey!

It’s simple, really. A gentle hydrating moisturiser that gradually builds a healthy, natural-looking tan.

But here’s the really exciting extra bit – it also improves skin firmness and elasticity, and for the ladies reduces that orange-peel thing you get with cellulite. Thank the Lordy.

Basically, as well as the tanning business, it has aloe vera for the hydrating bit, and creatine and rhodysterol for the body toning bit. Apparently, creatine helps enhance cellular protein synthesis, leading to improved skin firmness and elasticity. Rhodysterol is an extract of gelidium cartilagineum, a deep sea red algae. No, us either – but it’s forcing us to believe it.

Anyway, St. Tropez Everyday is available in shades of either Fair to Medium or Medium to Dark, costs £12.95, and we’re loving it hard.

For stockists, try this number: 0115 983 6363, or pop along to their interdolly site

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