But is it art?

OHMYGOD-like-Jeeesus-what-the-freak’s-going-on-like-ohmyyyy-like-FUCK!-like-shit-what’s-going-OOOOOOOOON? Honey, should we be worried?
Need a plaster?

Aaaaaaaaa-nd, relax. Seems Kevin Feds-ter-la has become the latest subject of uber-snapper Steven Klein, and will be part of the muchos-excited-about  ‘Face of Fashion’ exhibit at London’s Glittering National Portrait Gallery, from 15th Feb. Oh, phew.

Quite what Kevin Federline and/or a big old gash have to with fashion, f-reak knows. But is it wrong we find this kinda sexualist?

Oh, Stevie has something to say on the matter:

‘To me, a portrait is a representation of a person and a slash across a throat is the equivalent of a brushstroke. It’s like a classical painting. The slash, the make-up, is a mask that reveals who the person is. For me, the break in the skin shows that all portraits are lies. To see through the skin is to see someone’s reality.’

*dramatic pause*

Quite what Kevin Federline and/or a big old gash have to do with fashion…

Ps. The restaurant on the top of this place is a favourite of ours. Lovely view and risotto.  


Oooh, more info on the above. Thanks.

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