The best fast food establishment, like ever?

Nice environsAs much as we enjoy a deep fried item or a bun with deep fried goods inside of it or indeed a Subway meatball something-or-other, such produce would send Dr Gillian of McKeith into a tizz. And her word is gospel round these parts. Which is why when travelling globally – more specifically in Spain or thereabouts – our favourite fast food joint is this place.

Fast Good is brought to you by the renowned chef Ferran Adria, and is basically a fast food chain that’s really, really good for you. And a fast food chain that incorporates style in its ethos. So yeah, not exactly MacDonalds and pals.
Nice environs, also

There are already two outlets in Madrid – replete with swishy acrylic seats, plasma screens, splashes of Warhol styling and young hot staff – as well as one in Santiago de Chile. Another four in Spain are poised…

Expect fresh salads, bocatinis, burgers made with pedigree DOC beef and hand-cut chips. Yumsicle.

Etc, etc.

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  1. Oh, I’ve been to one of these in Madrid! Really good. Your pored don’t seep grease after a visit here, the way they do in other ‘well known’ fast food outlets.

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