The crumbliest, flakiest chocolate in the worrrrrrrrrrrrrld, blah.

Oh look, it’s the new Flake girl. Hooray!
Oh Jesus Christ this Flake's getting EVERYWHERE!

Some factoids on ‘new Flake girl’…

The name be Alyssa Sutherland, and she’s an actress/modelette.

The ad – if you’re interested – was shot by Jake-son-of-Ridley Scott.

Some more Flake-esque factoids:

– Flake ad twas first on our screens in 1547. Oh no sorry, 1959

– In 1971, the ad featured Eve Rueber-Staier, who was previously MIss World, and had a recurring Bond-girl thing going on.

– Debbie Leng – who was ‘Flake girl’ in 1987, later became the other half of Roger Taylor, of Queen fame.

– The new advert debuts this Friday (9th Feb)

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