Marc Jacobs’ first London store (and then some…)

Marc Jacobs – arguably the most important American designer in fashion. Or fashion designer in America. Or something – is poised, literally poised, to open his first store in London’s Glittering London.
Marc Jacobs S/S '06

Located in a former antiques store on Mount Street, Mayfair, there’ll be ‘parquet floors and a Regency fireplace’. Which we find very exciting. Oh, and clothes.

Not only that womens and gennelmen, but news has reached us that Mr Marc will open a concessions in Selfridges – the one on Oxford Street – like, v soon indeed. It’ll be a ‘shop-in-a-shop’, ‘parently, which is fine with us. There’ll also be nice clothes there.

A real-life Marc Jacobs [A real-life Marc Jacobs]

It also helps that Marc is quite boppable – in a geeky way – and that he commissions ads for his produce like the following:

A lovely advert, with lovely mens kissing
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