Orange Wednesdays – We review film trailers

We’ve written this on Thursday but are pretending it’s actually like, a Wednesday in the hope that Orange might think of spending some money sponsoring it. Wouldn’t that be nice, ladies and gennelmen?

Anyway, here are our reviews of some film trailers we’ve found on the interweb…


Because I Said So

Marvel as Diane Keaton pours wine, bakes a cake, moves some furniture, buys some shoes and wears a skirt from Reiss. Just when things don’t look like they can get any worse for her, they play a Natasha Bedingfield record.


The Good German

It’s 1945 and so miserable in Germany that they’ve filmed it in black and white. And made it star George Clooney (who looks a bit old), Cate Blanchett (who has an Allo Allo-style accent) and Tobey Maguire who’s not actually in this trailer very much. Cate ruins some good shoes in a disused underground tunnel.


Mr Brooks

Kevin Costner has two sides. One that wears Gap chinos, preppy glasses and a bow tie…

*dramatic pause*

… and the other who carries a gun in a plastic bag and is susceptible to blackmail. Demi Moore opens curtains in a dramatic way in her bid to uncover the truth / find a reason for Hollywood to be interested again. We are afeared for her safety.


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