Anna Nicole Smith. Kaput. Nada. :-(

It’s a sad, sad day in the world of the famouses, womens and gennelmen. Anna Nicole Smith – who we j’adored like she was our own – is no more.
Goodbye lovely lady, we'll miss you

We loved her ’cause of her scarlet lippy, big hair and ability to be bopped by 111-year-old men in the booboo and still put on a gazillion dollar smile. Or not be bopped in the booboo, as the case may be.

She of tragic circumstances, what with her 20-year-old son – Daniel Smith – dying in funny-old circumstances last year, had a circumstantially tragic life. And what with all that hoo-ha over the trillion bazillion gazillion earth dollars she was after from her former husband, that old Mr Burns-type person…

Anyways, love her still we do, and we like the way her death is a bit Marilyn. Monroe, not her off Home and Away. ‘Cause she’s in Emmerdale now.

Hello Marilyn from Home and Away
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  1. It was so gonna happen. V rock ‘n’ roll. Wonder who’s gonna get that money now???

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