Grizzle on!

How our hearts beat that bit faster when we saw this picture of the most exciting reunion known to God’s green earth as well as the UK at the Grammy Award TV shows.

Move over Take That!

Move over All Saints!

Move over the two twin sister characters from the group once known as B*Witched!

It's the Polices!

The re-coming together of the Polices is pop history in the… oh. Hang on a minute. We were self-medicating. :-(

Some people still want to do things with the artist formerly known as Mr Sting but what has the world come to when we have to see his armpit hair like this?

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2 comments to “Grizzle on!”

  1. Piss off. The Police are great, and their reunion is far more welcome than fucking Boyzone.

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  2. Indeed. Fuck right off. Each and every one of The Police has more talent in their little fingers than any of the “artists” that are typical gay idols. The only place I would want any of the artists above to reunite is in front of a firing squad.

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