Kylie to adopt? Like that Madonna person?

Kylie of MinogueBrave Kylie Minogue is thinking of adopting, apparently. So much so, she’s been seeking the wisdom of adopter-du-jour, Our Glorious Leader Madonna. Or Madonna, Our Glorious Leader as she likes to be known.

According to a friend, who shall remain unnamed owing to the fact that we don’t know his (or her?!) name, ‘She (Kylie) has been talking to Madonna asking her advice on adopting a child from abroad.

‘She has been contacting adoption agencies in Australia and the UK.’

A whole load of contacting going on…

Baby in Bunting Emma Baby Bunting Baby. It’s not known whether she herself has put she herself forward for adoption.

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2 comments to “Kylie to adopt? Like that Madonna person?”

  1. Adopt me adopt me adopt meeeeeeee!!

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  2. Kylie would be a terrible mother. Her botox overdosing means the poor child wouldn’t know if she was proud, happy, angry, annoyed, let-down, and all those other parental emotions, and would simply run amok, and shit all over the place like Geri’s dog.

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