Can you feel a sexual chemistry?

Yes, you might want to touch yourself to this picture…

ooh we feel a bit hot and bothered.jpg

But trying to get to a point (or something), well, you know how Justin Timberlake doesn’t go out with that lady who was a bit older than him anymore?Well, it’s ever so clever, see, ’cause he’s chosen this gap in his market to make a 10-minute long video (not seen since the days of Thrilly by Jackso) for What Goes Around… with a much wetter actress famed for not saying much in Lost In Translation. She’s called Scarlett something or other…

Anyways, watch him chat her up. Hear them talk in really low voices. Feel the sexual chemistry crackle like an uncrackly thing – even when they’re in a swimming pool together. Yes. Oh.

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