Lindsay Lohan is… (drum roll please)

The new face of Miu Miu. Hooray!

And she didn’t even have to get her twanny out.

Lovely ginge hair

What else can we say on the matter…? Er, lovely piccaroo was shot by Mert and Marcus, who are good at their job. And have shot people like Kate Moss and stuff before. And Miu Miu is Prada in a diffusion kind of way. And the picture may as well not be Lindsay Lohan ’cause you can’t even recognise her in it – though it is a good excuse for people like us to write stories like this. See, it worked!


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One comment to “Lindsay Lohan is… (drum roll please)”

  1. I have a feeling Li-Lo’s used to that legs akimbo position. That looks nothing like her thouhg, more like Britney crossed with J-Lo.

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