Hot soapy news

Sinbad, he not of the Seven Seas but of helping Anna Friel bury her dad under the patio in Brookside fame, who looks a bit like this person…

Please give generously

Is about to fill this person’s shoes in the rue known as la coronation.

Still would, though the dead thing's inconvenient.

Not literally because those are dead shoes, but he is…

– going to live in Charlie’s old house

– going to open a takeaway in a bakery

– going to fill a Fred Perry shirt in a kinda unflattering way, only desirable to a subsection of the bear community.

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2 comments to “Hot soapy news”

  1. Black’s really not his colour

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  2. Is Sinbad presenting some charity with a large ‘comedy’ cheque of all the money he raised from those pie eating contests?! He doesn’t look too pleased about it. Maybe he’s got indigestion. Poor lamb

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