We all need to be Jesus, everyone!

Isn’t that right, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl ones?

People seem to be taking issue with the fact that our Glorious Leader, who looks a little like this…

just like a jesus

… has gone on a wireless show in the US and said she ‘wants to be like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and John Lennon.’

Why Madonna would want to compare herself to these people is beyond us as their childrens’ books weren’t half as good nor were their ads for Gap jeans with Moosy Elliott. However that Gandhi film was v. brilliant apparently. Maybe it won an Oscar or two. Which Madonna hasn’t done.

She also spoke of her controversial crucificion on her hit tour, which is when the Jesus reference came up.

She said: ‘We all need to be Jesus.’ 

We’re looking forward to her walking on water and breaking up bread to feed millions. That indeed would be a good Jesusy thing for her to do and something we’ve not seen on any video she’s made so far. So think on love….

But in the meantime, here’s a new image from John Lennon’s H&M range, which arrives on 22nd March.

you could wear this outfit to work


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