A Spice reunion?

How many times they’ve teased us with the tease of a reunite, but oh, could this be true? That the Spicers are to return for a charity concert this autumn followed by a national tour?

Spicey up your lifey

Somebody who knows somebody’s next door neighbour’s cat’s auntie said: ‘They are really keen to do it if there is a charity angle. They are talkikng about doing it for Bono’s Red campaign. It’s been on the cards for a while, at least a couple of months. They are all good friends now.’

Boyzone look like also being part of this reunion-athon. What next? The two twin girls from B*Witched?  

Evidence we have spotted that signals this Spicer reunion is the truth (or something nearabouts):

– This news piece

– Geri, Posh and Baby ate some dinner at Nobu recently, with Posh wearing some v. fierce lipstick

– Tiny Baby ‘Cheryl Baker’ Bunton Spice’s new single hasn’t hit the top 40 this week

– We haven’t heard from hefty Spice in a long time

– Some of the Spicers have had/are having babies which they now need to put through school


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