Gymbox @ St. Martin’s Lane Hotel

Gymbox is one of those terribly good things – a place of goodness where two of our favourite things are combined: hanging around the changing rooms working out to make ourselves look nicer so people will love us, and fun. The working out bit is ’cause Gymbox is a gym, and the fun bit’s ’cause tis like no other gym.
Look, fancy!

Let’s look at the evidence…

– It looks like a nightclub, with interiors by the guys behind Manchesterford’s gone but not forgotten Hacienda.

– It has live DJ sets of an evening for-to work out to music of the fun kind.

– It has classes like ‘Mad on Madge’, where you work out exclusively to OGL’s music, ‘Look Better Naked’, where the intention is to get more shags, and ‘Stilletto Workout’, for all the ladies and ladees out there.

– You get a pair of boxing gloves when you join.

–  And there’s now a Gymbox in the former Lumiere Cinema at the St. Martin’s Lane hotel, London’s Glittering Covent Garden. Nice.

Lovely stairs That man's gone fuzzy

Gymbox’s own personal interdolly site.

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