More Ian ‘H’ Watkins exclusive-ness

We all loved those saucy pics of Ian considerably, so in the interests of being nice, here’s some more titty-bits from the exclusive interview we did with him. You said ‘did him’. That’s naughty…

Naughty boy!

You’ve buffed up a lot since Steps haven’t you?
Thank you. It was for Joseph and his Technicoloured Dreamcoat, ’cause obviously I had to wear a nappy throughout.

And has it changed your life?
Yeah, I’m more confident now!

You couldn’t keep your clothes on in Big Brother.
Shut up!

What were you before? Flabby or skinny?
Flabby and just kind of a non-entity, really. You know, I would never have taken my kit off before in the band. But when Lisa came to see Joseph, she said, ‘Oh, I quite fancy you now!’

On Big Brother, you were the only one who picked up on the bullying.
Maybe because they were all involved in it, I don’t know.

Did you think it was racist?
I really don’t. I just think it was bullying and it just happened to be an Asian lady.

What do you think about the way everyone has treated Jade and Jo and Danielle?
I do feel incrediby sorry because it’s completely been blown out of proportion.

What’s happened to Claire (from Steps)?
Well, she’s pregnant.

Really? Everybody thought she was just fat!
Shush, no she’s pregnant! It’s due in April. I’m the godfather.

Did you used to fancy Lee in Steps?
No! Absolutely not! I just thought of him as an older brother.

Some people fancy their older brother.
Please no! Don’t be asking my brother that, God!

So why did you decide to come out just before you went into the house?
Because I wanted to tell the story before anyone else did really. But I was in a relationship for a long time so nobody really had dirt on me. I was a good boy.


There’ll be more of the above in this week’s issue of Boyz magazine, out Thursday. Thank you Baby Jesus.

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  1. I love that you thought Claire was just fat. Funny.

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  2. Did anyone actually ever fancy Lee?

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  3. oh my god i am ians forum there are pics on there but not as hot as these babys ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

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  4. Ryan, theyre the same ones babe….

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