Some lovely… chairs. And tables. And other things.

Unto This Last

A lovely chair

You know how people like us are fond of a Habitat or an Ikea – good design at reasonable prices, where totty can often be found – yet recently the scrunchy-count on said outings has become, well a little to high for our likings. We blame them Swedish meatballs. Anyways, we’ve come across a wee store in London’s Glittering East End that not only a. Makes de-gorgeous furniture that look likes super-expensive contemporary design numbers yet b. Aren’t that expensive (considering how great they look) which c. Makes us very happy indeed.

A lovely coffee table

The chair, for eg., is only 200 earth pounds. Table’s a wee bit more at 280 squid, but these delicious little coatstands (below) start at £55. We’re impressed. We’re also impressed that each piece is made from one piece of pre-finished sustainable birch plywood, and that they have a lovely website that lets you order via the interdolly.

Some lovely coatstands

NB. A factoid: they got the name – Unto This Last – from an anti-capitalist essay by John Ruskin. OooooooOOOOOooooh, etc.



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