The duoMo Hotel in Rimini

Teehee, it’s got the words ‘Mo’ and ‘Rim’ in the title!

There's lovely!

You know Rimini as a fun but largely uninspiring town in northern Italy where dance freaks go to get monged off their faces. Think again. Now there is loveliness there. In real life, not in someone’s drug-fuelled imagination.

Let your eyes take in the loveliness of the duoMo hotel in Rimini. That big ring thing is the reception desk while upstairs in the rooms expect big round windows so you can be in the bathroom and bedroom at the same time, LCD screens so you can watch while showering and just so many gorgeous little touches…

The whole thing is the work of Ron Arid, very famous interiors-type person, and it doesn’t stop here. The hotel has its own club called noMi which, if we remember rightly, was the name of the heroine of one of our favourite films, Showgirls.

In noMi (what’s with all the mis-placed capital letters?) you get booths and cocktails and dancing Italians and windows that disappear so – oh look! – you’re on the street. Still dancing. With a cocktail and a fag in your hand.

And so to bed...

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  1. LOVE the look of this place!!!!

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  2. erRatIc cAPitAliSatIOn iS a SiGn oF InSEcuRItY

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