Fridge – with a telly!

How good can fridges get? Er, this good.


Let’s look at the evidence:

– It has a telly stuck on it! And not some lame-old telly, but a 15″-LCD-screen-with-touch-screen-remote-control-plus-full-connectivity-to-TV-DVD-and-VHS telly.

– It has an automatic icemaker and in-door water tank avec filter.

– Talking of filters, the digital LCD panel and controls let you know when it needs a-changing. Fancy.

– There’s a fruit ‘n’ veg box with controlled humidity, for exxx-tra freshness.

– You can ‘express’ or ‘super’ freeze at the touch of a button for, well express or super-express freezing of produce.

– It has a telly stuck on it!

– Oh, it’s from LG, makers of just gorgeous thing.

J’adoring a lot.


For more on the above, trot along to here.


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