Gay’s (kinda) OK, but not atheist!

What’s lovely about America is that anyone can be President.

She's a bit plastic!

…as long as you’re a white, Christian, straight, middle-aged man, happily married with children and a shitload of money behind you! Now, as a woman (Hilary, above) and a black man battle it out in America to stand as candidates for Prez, they asked those nice American folks what kind of people they’d be prepared to vote for… Maybe even a gay! They could have been lying, but here’s what they said.

If faced with a ‘generally well-qualified’ candidate with the following characteristics, how likely would your American on the street be to vote for someone who was…

Black 94%
Jewish 92%
Female 88%
Hispanic 87%
Mormon 72%
Twice divorced 67%
72 years old 57%
Gay 55%
Atheist 45%

Scary on so many levels!

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2 comments to “Gay’s (kinda) OK, but not atheist!”

  1. So really, only half of the American population like gays, and even fewer like sane people who don’t believe in god. Nice people. They should’ve had a ‘retard’ option. Would’ve got 100%.

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  2. so what the republicans need is a Black,Jewish, Female, Hispanic,Mormon to reallr clear u[p

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