Gran Hotel Domine, Bilbao

Ooh, getting dizzy

Slap bang opposite the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, this is Silken Hotels’ five-star showcase. Fit to bursting with design pieces and wilfully avoiding any one style, it’s fancy-pants contemporary with the emphasis on fun.

Enter into the ohmygod-worthy lobby with 26-metre-high sculpture by Mariscal, that reaches all five floors of the hotel, through to the clean-lined cafeteria, or on to the cocktail lounge, which is a bit sci-fi, and a whole lot sexy. Each of the 131 rooms are personalised so none is like the other, with interactive telly and stereo, whilst the bathrooms are comfort-luxe, with their soft palettes and stand-alone baths and dual sinks. 

Clean clean clean... Cocktail? Oh, go on then. Mmm, yum.

Oh, and for show-off views of the Guggenheim, try the fifth floor terrace with its teakwood flooring, or one of the fifth floor suites for your own private version.

J'adoring the view...


Gran Hotel Domine’s home on the interdolly.

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