‘Hot’ Street action

Keep an eye on Coronation Street and its blockbuster episodes this weekend as you are likely to see Sonny – formerly known as the prospective love interest of Kymberly Marsh – and resident gay and Underworld seamster, Sean slip it inside each other have a bit of a kiss and a cuddle and keep one foot on the floor in a 1950s stylee.

gay business on the cobbles

We couldn’t help but wonder what this lady would have to say about things…

she no likey gay kissing before a watershed, but how about in front of Roy's Sandwich Shop?

Lady Ulrika didn’t like it in years gone by when other Corrie homo Todd had a bit of tongue sandwich with someone, split-screen a close-up of some cobbles on Canal Street, Manchesterford.

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  1. Get Todd and Adam Rickitt back so much hotter

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