Website calling for gay executions, people

Google – the interdolly thing through which people find things plural – is hosting a blog that calls for the execution of gays.

Jamaica. Such a warm, loving place.

The interweb blog – called ‘Killbattyman’, originates in Jamaica.

*displays non-shocked face*

The site carries piccaroos of last week’s incident in Kingston, where a 2,000-strong mob of people, who were only thinking of the poor little children who won’t get anything if gays are allowed to live, surrounded a shop – in which three gay men had taken refuge – and taunted them with death threats and what-not. Then they stoned them.

Sounds, fun.

Anyways, this site thing’s been on Google for like, ooh almost a year now. On it are all sorts of nasty little things, like slurs against les homos, including gay activist Peter Tatchell.

The site also libels some famouses.

Killbattyman calls on Jamaicans to murder all gay people.

Aren’t people nice, pop pickers?


Full article, please.

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5 comments to “Website calling for gay executions, people”

  1. They can all fuck off. Ironic innit, that we’re supposed to feel shame about the whole slavery thing despite it having nothing to do with us (er, none of us even fucking born then, retards), yet they feel justified in systematically taunting and killing people because of fear/hatred/boredom, whatever. As a fellow ‘minority’, they should be ashamed. What is it – they feel so shit about themselves so they have to make other people they deem as ‘weaker’ feel even shittier than they do? Nice people. This island should be incinerated.

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  2. Retarded, indeed

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    See … it’s not fun being called vindictive, poisonous names, is it? I agree with the above, the double-standards of these people is beyond belief.

    That said, I don’t think the internet should be censored in any way … then we’ve got even bigger problems. Just ask China.

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  4. The above comments are hiliarious! How does what happened in Jamaica have anything to do with the people in the U.S.? Jamaica is a COMPLETELY different society with a homophobia much worse than here in the states. I don’t think, in this day and age, that you’d EVER see a group of people (of any race) forming a mob around some people they thought were gay and seriously trying to do them harm. It’s also laughable that the first place you all went to was to attack the race of the people in the mob.Yes, it’s true idiots. gay people come in more colors than white. Or did you miss who the mob was targeting?

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  5. Don’t quite get your point, Jason. What’s the US got to do with anything? They/we’re talking about a bunch of homophobic cunts in Jamaica. Yeah, homophobia exists everywhere in the world, and is perpetrated by people of all races, but in this instance is was Jamaican homophobes inflicting hatred on Jamaican gays in a country that has the worst reputation for homophobia in the world. It has NO legislation to outlaw hatred, gay people can be put in prison for BEING GAY, yet where are the international vetoes? When South Africa has apartheid, there were embargoes (and quite rightly so) – so what about doing the same to Jamaica? Also, are you SO short sighted and xenophobic that you don’t give a flying fuck what goes on outside of the US? And we wonder why the US is so beloved of the rest of the world. That was irony, by the way. And as for people attacking the race of the mob – er, Consuela’s comment was trying to make a point you retard. That it’s not acceptable. And that these Jamaicans in question are hypocrites as well as vile cunts.

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