Basically, Sharon’s rubbish

You should really forget the Oscars with all that nonsense about Helen Mirren looking lovely and winning for Britain etc, the big news from Hollywood is that Sharon Stone is rubbish.

Dontcha! Oink, oink. Snort, snort.

And she’s been awarded the ultimate in rubbishness, what is known in the business of showbusiness as a Razzie (which is short for a raspberry or some’t) for pleasuring herself while driving, getting screwed in a brothel in Soho and some other kind of panting, snorting and honking malarkey in Basic Instinct 2.

Also shamed was M Night Shalangalangadingdong’s Lady In The Bath Water.

If you’ve yet to see Shazza’s oeuvre, you can see it in potted form below with some other music over the top and stuff.*

*Don’t know what that’s all about but hey… some people have time on their hands.   

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