Some new music to tap your toes to…

Hello pop pickers. In this random, clutching-at-straws feature, we bring you some new music for you to do what you do to music to.

get down off that furniture now young lady

Katharine McPhee – An American Idol-style character, who actually came runner-up to a man with grey hair and dad-dancing in last season’s finale, is releasing a record. Maybe only Stateside yes, but perchance you may be interested in her hot business below. It’s called ‘Over You’. You may want to add your own joke in here. Thanks. 

Erasure – That gayer and his knob-twiddlin’ sidekick, not to be confused with the twins from B*Witched – are still out there making a living out of the same old song. Good on them etc. You can hear ‘I Fall In Lov…’ courtesy of their myspacery

Joss Stone – We’ve got her new album, intriguingly titled ‘Introducing Joss Stone’ – so who was that other character that went by this name? – anyways, word is it’s better than when she was on the BRITS.

look at the clever business they've done with the piccies

Dragonette – Our ears to the ground tell us these are folks you may be wishing to see some more business out of. Check their site here and their myspacery here


Venus Flytrap – We is looking forward to the arrival on the scene of these characters from the land of Thai. Ok, so they’ve been put together by a record label; OK, so they have very long legs; Ok, so they have some pretty clothes; Ok, so they used to be male men.

Yes, pop pickers, pop is a fanny ol’ business…

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  1. Mmm … what with you going mad about Mika, too, I fail to see where this assumption that gay men have taste comes from. You should be ashamed.

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