Oh looky, they’ve found Jesus’s grave…

Film director James Cameron, famed for his rip-roarin’ account of The Titanic and the people therein including a woman with a blue diamond and a youthful character beloved of her, has only gone and found Jesus’s grave.

We thought it was behind a rock and was quite hard to track down because of him getting resurrected and everything, however this is not true we hear as it was actually under an apartment complex in Jerusalem’s East Talpiot district.

Which got us thinking about the other things we’ve found recently…

so comfy you don't know you've got it on

Cinderella’s glass slipper

Touched by Garnier Nutrisse

Rapunzel’s hair that she was trying to sell on eBay

Ooh yummy

The evil apple the evil step-mother was trying to peddle to Snowy White

Gives you that Ready Brek glow

Some porridge beloved of a baby bear and Goldilocks… this was actually found on our desk this morning (instead of Little Red Riding Hood’s cappuccino).



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2 comments to “Oh looky, they’ve found Jesus’s grave…”

  1. That’s funny. I actually thought Jesus was living up my arse….

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  2. Maybe he used the time machine thingy he invented for the Terminator films, and found out that way.

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